Justin vs Steph : Mustang Hot Lap

Steph VS Justin Drag Race

The Most Anticipated Episode Yet

If you subscribe to the AmericanMuscle YouTube Channel, you have probably wondered whose Mustang would win in a quarter-mile drag race; Justin Dugan’s 2014 Supercharged S-197 GT, or Stephanie Wood’s 2017 S-550 Twin Turbo? Well, ask and you shall receive, Hot Lap fans. The day has finally come to answer this question once and for all, and we couldn’t be more excited for the big reveal!

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest Hot Lap Episode, Steph versus Justin Drag Race. It’s a real showdown, filmed at Maple Grove Raceway, where we’ve held our annual Mustang Show for the past four years. In addition to her Hellion Twin Turbskis, Steph swapped out her rear airbag setup for a set of Viking double-adjustable shocks to help the launch, added a BMR cradle bushing lockout kit for precision shifting, along with a few additional supporting mods. Her S-550 might be packing some serious heat, but will it beat Justin’s S-197 with MSD Launch Master 2-Step Rev Limiter, Forgestar F14 Drag wheels, and his daughter’s Recaro baby seat in the back?

Best out of three, winner takes all, and loser drives a lovely puke green Honda CR-X beater to work for a week. Who will be victorious? Who will have to drive the loser cruiser? Tune in to find out!

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